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Homemade face mask for oily skin acne prone

Homemade face mask for oily skin acne prone Skin with excess oil produces a shiny and oily face, especially if the weather is hot. Sweat makes the skin look more oily than usual. The face that makes the display look wet and shiny, less fresh and dirty. What is the best way to avoid the appearance that the face is not shiny and oily ?! Drugs - drugs ..? No..No best way is to go back to nature. Back to nature

Here are 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Oily Skin

Take 1 piece of cucumber, cut 4 lengthwise. Then the inside of the seed rather chopped and rub into cleansed face. Let stand 10-15 minutes. Clean with warm water. Then wipe with a clean towel. After that give the moisturizer.

2 Celery
Take celery and cut into small pieces. Enter the celery pieces earlier into a container of boiling water and leave to infuse for 15-20 minutes. After that grab the celery leaves, and let the results of immersion into cold water (± 20-30 minutes). Then apply the cold water celery in the face, and let it run until the water is absorbed and dried celery. After that, rinse your face with clean water. Perform this step once every 2 days.

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