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Benefits of honey as facial

Benefits of honey as facial Each day, the skin has a variety of 'trials', ranging from exposed cosmetics you use, exposed to sun up free radicals from the environment that increasingly unhealthy. It can cause skin problems, including reduced elasticity and the skin becomes rough. 

To restore the softness of the skin, you can use natural ingredients, such as honey. Since a long time, honey is used as one of the best natural ingredients to maintain skin softness and health. In many civilizations, honey becomes a very potent recipe for beauty care for women.  

cleaning the face

Clean the face with a once a week by means of scrubbing using honey. Apply all over the face and then massaged play.


You can menscrub face with honey mixed with baking soda. Eliminate scars and black spots in both the area of ​​the face and body skin.

honey bath

Ancient times, honey is used for material luxury bathroom. Mixed with bath water will leave a comfortable moisture to the skin.

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