Jumat, 08 Agustus 2014

Benefits of apple cider vinegar bath

Benefits of apple cider vinegar bath Apple vinegar is a natural substance which is now beginning found in many shopping centers everywhere. Rich will benefit health, apple vinegar is made from fermented apples noticed with the addition of yeast. Not just once, fermented apple vinegar to two times that appear asamnya taste.

Not just drunk, apple vinegar can also be used as a complementary food. Of course, with apple flavor that will bring the increase appetite. First, apple vinegar is also believed to be able to treat a variety of diseases.

Cleaning combs snap

Dust, dirt and hair stuck on the rest of the comb sometimes make you lazy to clean it.

Soak combs in a bucket of water mixed with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and soap. Let stand about 15 minutes, then brush comb for a while. Dirt will come out, and comb it easier to clean.

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